Reseller and Partner Programs for Purchase Control

Purchase Control is an industry leader in providing Cloud based purchasing process management solutions for resellers in any type of business and financial advisory capacity. Purchase Control supplies software and services to Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Blue Chip customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Please email for more information about Purchase Control’s outstanding Agent and Trusted Business Advisor Programs.

Become a Purchase Control Channel Partner

We do the work. You do the selling!

We provide a flexible, powerful support system for account provisioning, training, and licensing programs, all managed by real people to allow you to focus on growing and managing your sales.

You are in control

How do you want it to work? You certainly do not need a technical degree to run your operation. We have made it as simple as possible. Simply introduce the client, and we will do the rest and pay you a commission.

Referral Program for Trusted Business Advisors

If you are a CPA or a Trusted Business Advisor, chances are your clients turn to you for advice on procurement software and other supply chain management tools (like ERP and CRM software) that can help them better manage their organisations.

You are not necessarily a salesperson but you do get asked for recommendations. To preserve your integrity with your client, we do not pay a commission. However if they sign up on your recommendation they get special discounts and additional benefits and you get the kudos.

In addition, you can become a trained Purchase Control administrator and charge your time accordingly.

We also offer a discounted pricing to our Trusted Business Advisors program members and a free month for every new customer you introduce.

Purchase Control resellers and partners